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"Lo Studio snc di Mammini Letizia e Candido Valeria" is based in Faenza in an ancient eighteenth century villa surrounded by greenery and it covers all European markets.
Letizia Mammini was born in 1973 in Faenza. Even before she gained he

r degree in industrial design she transmitted her affinity with light. Since 1996 she has been working in lighting: lighting techniques development and consultancy, the development of light furnishings and fittings. She holds conferences on lighting in va

rious universities. She is a lighting designer for international theatrical shows.
Valeria Candido was born in 1973 in Pordenone, and achieved maturity in applied art in publicity and photographic art and gained a degree with honour at the I.S.I.A..

She has been working in the fields of graphics and communication for 10 years: she works alongside the marketing department of many important companies and deals with their coordinated image.
Lo Studio was born from the synergy of the two fou

nding partners and deals with design, communication and lighting. Lo Studio faces projects by developing the entire process of conception, research, development, creation, proto-types and communication. Lo Studio designs furniture, collections, objects an

d develops art direction for some companies in the field of lighting.
Lo Studio, I light it, I design it, I colour it, I develop it, I love it, I live it, I think of it, I enjoy it, I dream of it, I create it, I sell it, I recycle it, I sign it... w