Marcello Cuneo

via Abruzzi 2/g
20068 Peschiera Borremeo-Milano

T: 39.02.7532035
F: 39.02.7533244

Produkte von Marcello Cuneo

Born in Cagliari, he lives and works in Milan where he graduated in Architecture. He collaborated with architect Gio' Ponti from 1962 to 1970, with whom he helped to develop major international projects like office buildings, department stores, museums, churches and villas. He has been working as a freelance professional since 1971 and his interests are quite varied, dealing with architecture, furniture and industrial design. In the field of industrial design he began by creating a ceramic lamp, Longobarda, for Gabbianelli, Milan; His works have been exhibited at various events and shows in Italy and abroad including:"Italy: new domestic landscape" 1972 - (MOMA), New York; "Introduction to design" - Israel Museum, Jerusalem; "Design and Design", Milan; "BIO", Lubiana; "Italienisches Mobel Design 1950-80" - Stadt Museum, Köln.