Marcelo Alegre

Alegre Industrial Studio

Jaume Roig 11-3
46410 Sueca, Valencia

T: +34 96 170 13 24

Produkte von Marcelo Alegre

Since 2002, ALEGRE INDUSTRIAL STUDIO has been imagining how to change the world every day, adding small details to things that inspire people in a positive way. For us, product design is a global concept which goes beyond mere materials, and sustainability, efficiency, users and the environment play a key role in helping us to grow. ALEGRE INDUSTRIAL STUDIO is a multidisciplinary team of professionals with different design backgrounds. This means that we can collaborate with all industry sectors, bridging the gap between design and production, and providing efficient, long-lasting design solutions. Our work method centres around balancing spontaneous creativity with accuracy in our production methods so that we can fulfil all of our commitments. Since its beginnings, alegreindustrial has won a number of awards both in Spain and abroad for its work and creations.