Massimo Gardone

Via dell’Università, 9
34123 Trieste

T: +39 040 312025
F: +39 040 3224645

Produkte von Massimo Gardone

Massimo Gardone. 1961. Genova, Italy. He studied, lives and works in Trieste.
Through the photography he tells about himself and relate along the way of the
creativity also when it intersects with the needs of the commercial assignors.
A bet on creativity - The bet of Massimo Gardone is the one of innovation that,
through the photography, investigating on the various expressions of the image,
transmits his narration through different means: communication, editorial products,
video, design and exhibitions.
The flowers, the research, the experimentation - Each flower is the summary of the
existence as cycle, as value, as shape and meaning: to look into and to interpret
them, transform them in a malleable material is a work without end and certainly
produces representations always different. A subject particularly dear to Massimo
Gardone: the flowers have always solicited his anxiety of experimentation and
research. He has always lived between music and image and for him, the quite
obsessive exploration of flowers, represents a continuous conjugation of harmony,
shapes and colours. His research, starter from black and white, has met the colour without ever tires of reinvent it through the use of techniques spacing from the art of matter of Polaroid to the precision of digital: lights, shadows and experimentation. He is a kind of image alchemist committed to mix different techniques, materials, sounds, means to communicate and to be communicated, without fearing the banality that, eventually, could suggest a flower to less attentive souls. With uprightness and eclecticism together he succeeds in transferring passions and art also to the needs of commercial assignors which are reached of unexpected values. His research on flowers becomes an essential part of Company communications, of packaging and design objects.
Moreover, the art exhibitions have allowed to Massimo Gardone to give an
expressive space to his artistic, visionary and conceptual soul.