Mikaela Dörfel

Doerfel Design

Hauptstraße 2
24594 Meezen

T: + 49 4877 / 990 803
F: + 49 4877 / 990 1991

Produkte von Mikaela Dörfel

“With a clear line for the brand” is the credo of designer Mikaela Dörfel.
Raised in Finland, she came into early contact with the works of renowned Finnish designers Tapio Wirkkala, Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto.

She considers Scandinavian form to be her largest influence. While studying in Hamburg, she developed an affinity for designing tabletop products, with a particular interest in working in porcelain and glass. Her work as a design manager for one of the
world’s largest tabletop companies helped her
to gain strong brand and materials awareness.

Her designs have earned international recognition and numerous awards, most recently for her cutlery designs for Zwilling.