Minna Ahokas


Produkte von Minna Ahokas

Minna Ahokas graduated from the Kuopio Academy of Design. In addition to textile design, she has studied pedagogics. Ahokas took her Master’s degree in Arts - Arts and Crafts as her major subject in the department of Industrial Design - at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, UIAH.

Minna Ahokas is working in design and product development at Woodnotes. She has designed series of bags and containers for the Woodnotes Accessories Collection. Her Box zone containers and Scroll lunch bag and paper bag were chosen by the jury of the German Crafts Association for the special exhibition FORM 2001 held in the connection of the International Frankfurt Fair Tendence in August 2001. Minna Ahokas has contributed to the product development of several successful launches of Woodnotes.

For Minna Ahokas, the starting point in her creative work is often every day aesthetics that combines silence beauty and functionality. Her ambition to enhance the very nature of each material in a fresh way can be seen in her designs.