Natalie Buijs

Studio 1five2

T: 0031 643522252


As Industrial Designer (Technical University Delft 1994) Natalie works consecutively at Philips Domestic Appliances and as manager product development and product designer at the prestigious Dutch furniture brands Leolux and Pode. Here she builds on her expertise in ergonomics and finding the balance between form and function.

In 2007 she moves to the Philippines and starts Studio 1five2. She designs furniture, show presentations and fabric collections. Her European designs with Asian twist and her motto “pretty practical” are well received. In 2013 she continues her studio in the Netherlands.

Natalie’s designs are elegant, simple and yet special. Designs that, like the quality furniture, last for years. Furniture that fit harmoniously in different interiors, and – still first priority - combine refined esthetics with comfort.