o4i Design Studio

office4ideas product design

Brännkyrkagatan 56NB
118 22 Stockholm

T: +46 8 658 54 98
F: +46 8 658 54 02

Produkte von o4i Design Studio

O4i is managed and supervised by design partners Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström.
Our studio has a multidisciplinary approach to product design based on modern industrial parameters, driven by a curiosity for materials and processes. Being based in Stockholm, Sweden, the studio focuses on contemporary public and domestic furniture- and consumer products and develops unique concepts for various international clients such as Chair Baltic, David Design, Dune NY, EQ3/Palliser, Fritz Hansen, IKEA, Martela, Palliser, Peter Pepper Products.
Our work has received several international awards: Red Dot Award 2005 (Germany), a double ADEX Platinum Award 2007 (USA), Good Design Award 2005 (USA), ID Magazine Destinction Award 2005 (USA), German Design Prize Nominee 2006 (Germany).