Officinadesign Lema

Strada Statale Briantea n° 2
22040 -Alzate Brianza

T: +39 031 630990
F: +39 031 632492

Produkte von Officinadesign Lema

´Officinadesign Lema is the soul of the brand, a team of creatives and technicians, led by art director Piero Lissoni transform into products the philosophy and the dna of the company. The result is a series of products that create a home where design comes on tiptoe and embraces a lifestyle that is far from the clamor and pretentiousness. Officinadesign Lema plans on the one hand individual pieces for the living and the sleeping area, on the other works on the aesthetics of the different updates for the systems, cabinets and cabins updating their aesthetics and functionality to meet the desires and needs of consumers.

The design team acts also as support for the sales network through the declination of the corporate image and installations, as well as the development of the catalogues, the choices of fabrics and finishes in accordance with the art direction.