Pascal Bosetti
Bosetti Design Studio

Hermann-Vogel-Str. 34
80805 Munich

T: +49 170 5550281

Produkte von Pascal Bosetti

Founding his studio in Munich in 2015, Pascal Bosetti focuses on industrial design, furniture design and scenopgraphics.

Pascal Bosetti’s approach to design is characterized by emotion, functionality and stringency in form. Coming from a craftsmanship’s background, he has a special passion for materials, their properties and how to use them – whether they demand an innovative, romantic, or functional approach.

After his training as master craftsmen for metal works, Pascal Bosetti graduated from the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Basle, Switzerland) with a master’s degree in arts and design in 2010. At Rolf Benz (Nagold, Germany) he worked as both designer and product manager for two years before starting an independent career as designer. Since 2011, Pascal also works as a guest lecturer at the Akademie für Handwerksdesign (Aachen, Germany).