Paul Loebach

144 Spencer street #608
11205 Brooklyn, NY
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T: +1 646 489 2749

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Paul Loebach was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio amid the industrial landscape of the Midwestern US, where he left to graduate from Rhode Island School of Design in 2002. Descended from a long line of German woodworkers, his father is a manufacturing engineer

who developed new plastic forming technologies for Union Carbide in the 1970's. Paul sees his projects as an idealistic fusion of his family's distant and more recent history.

After graduating from RISD, Paul moved to New York City and established

a design studio where he currently works as a consultant, specializing in wood furniture and emerging manufacturing technologies.

Paul writes about his work, "I'm interested in design as the study of form for the basic purpose of giving objects me

aning. Design is a semiotic language and must therefore hold a balance between the continuity of recognizable imagery, and the poetic shift of innovation. The future of design is nothing more than an embodiment of the profoundly human need to structure ou

r environment as a reflection of ourselves."