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Produkte von Pedrita

Pedrita is a Lisbon-based design studio, and has since 2005 been collaborating with other creative structures, individuals and clients from different parts of the world.
Pedrita is Rita João (Lisbon, 1978) and Pedro Ferreira (Lisbon, 1978).

Both studied Design at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Rita studied also at TU Delft and Pedro at Politecnico di Milano. They joined FABRICA in September 2002 and during 2004, after working close to Jaime Hayon, they c

oordinated the 3D Design Department.
Since June 2006, together with other creative teams, they've also been organizing and promoting Freespeech and Pecha Kucha Night Lisbon, two plataforms to promote creative work and thinking.
_Despite o

ur education in product design, our life experience took us in many other directions, making us constantly having to interact with other spheres of knowledge and practice in order to question, innovate and solve problems in the projects we have worked on.

This way of working allowed us to always engage with an ever-changing team of professionals, which made us able to approach various problems and come up with suitable solutions, and in the process made us feel comfortable in accepting challenges that wou

ldn't be taken otherwise.
Being a young studio, it hasn't always been easy finding commissioned work, so for us self-proposed projects tend to happen mainly as an attempt to draw attention to relevant matters concerning our surroundings, where desig

n is not yet an obvious conscientious resource. Beside this, these projects are also an opportunity to collaborate with talented professionals, and at the same time an important way to communicate - and hopefully instil in others - our lively, celebratory

way of working.
"Fabrico Próprio" is a good example of a self-proposed project where a multidisciplinary creative team is put together in order to focus on a rather unexpected universe, where design is not a frequent concern. Even

though we are planning to launch new products onto the market, namely a book and perhaps some new cake varieties, these outcomes shouldn't be taken as the project's main goal. For us, it embodies a conscious use of design as a powerful tool to any busine

ss, and also highlights the need for a creative approach to any industry or retail activity. By looking through a designer's lens into our "manufactured", or "produced" world - even in some of its not so obvious fields such as semi-ind

ustrial confectionery - we wish to challenge both other design professionals and business leaders to consider the role of design in our everyday lives.