Pia Wallén


Berzeliigatan 12
412 53 Gothenburg

T: +46(0)31 146 965

Produkte von Pia Wallén

After 20 years of designing she is still true to the felt material she once started with. However, the products today have had many years of refinement. Pia Wallén has specialized in the development of a variety of felt products with high quality and inno

vative design. Her most recognized products are the felt wool slippers, the exclusive jewellery in sterling silver and the Crux blanket which comes in a limited edition.

Pia Wallén is a designer rooted in her Swedish culture, she looks to history for i

nspiration of the traditional use of Swedish materials, techniques, colours and the northern climate. She combines tradition with play and fantasy, searching for new solutions and pushing boundaries to develop products that reflect today's culture and app

eal to the modern person. Principles of functionality, simplicity and humour are the basis for this contemporary interpretation of Scandinavian craft tradition and are consistent reaccuring themes in her work.

Pia Wallén has been part of several ex

hibitions over the years and has also been awarded several grants and awards since the beginning of the eighties.

Products designed by Pia Wallén are available in selected stores in Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia and New