Pierre Lapeyronnie

1 rue du Clos
75020 Paris

T: +33 (0)6 78 67 98 97


Pierre Lapeyronnie was born in 1982. He grew up between Paris and the Southwest of France, where his grandfather, a blacksmith and self-taugh engineer, owned a factory where he designed and manufactured heavy machinery for vineyard care. In 2006, he gradu

ated from the fine arts school of Bordeaux, exploring the possible interactions between soundscapes and individual uses. Back in Paris, he began working on numerous projects as a freelance project manager, including strategic consulting, exhibition design

for AGENCE NC - Nathalie Criniere, and product design for JEAN NOUVEL DESIGN.

During that period, he collaborated with craftsmen all around France, visiting their workshops to learn the basics of glass blowing, metal working, ceramics, cutlery, an

d cabinet making.

In March 2010, Pierre founded PLII, an industrial design office. The studio works on a wide range of both commisioned and self-inidiated projects, focusing on creating rationally-designed, consistently high-quality products, and

dedicating a multi-layered understanding to each project. his aesthetic approach is simple and precise, using the right material removing any unnecessary elements.

Since september 2ß11, Pierre has led the product design class at the STARE COLLEGE

SCHOOL (FR). The course aims to introduce industrial realities by guiding students through a produt´s entire economic life cycle, from the first sketch to manufacturing.