Radek Hegmon

Bílovice 519
687 12 Bílovice
Tschechische Republik

T: +420 572 434 292
F: +420 572 434 283


Radek Hegmon was born in Zlín in 1970 and graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design of Prague in 1995. A designer of urban elements and other products for public spaces, together with David Karásek he founded Mmmcité, a company devoted to the design and production of urban elements. Many of these elements have been installed in different countries of Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Portugal. Examples include the bus stops for the centre of Brno, the benches and litter bins installed in the IKEA Centre of Ostrava, and in the centre of Prague.

In 1996, also together with David Karásek, Petr Babák and Tomás Machek, he received the National Design Award of the Czech Republic.