Rubén Saldaña

Diba Product Solutions

Llacuna 162-164
08018 Barcelona

Produkte von Rubén Saldaña

Born in Salamanca in 1976.
He studied Engineering at the James I University in Castellon and graduated with Honours in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design from the Elisava School in Barcelona. He has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Desi

gn Management from ICT-Centre CIM-UPC where he won the ADI-FAD medal for his project “Carro de Vela” (the Candle Cart). In the same year, he also obtained third prize in the Dupont Imagineering competition with his “Free” design. <

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He combined this facet with his investigatory work at the Elisava School, until, in 2000, he joined Marset Iluminación (Marset Lighting) to take control of new product development. In 2004, he founded “Diba product Solutions”

in Barcelona, which is dedicated to product design and engineering; this company draws up new designs and develops products in close collaboration with designers, studios and top-class publishers, such as PHB, Royal, Praesentis, Magix, Rocal, Vilagrasa,

Marset ,Pom d`or, DAE, Cactusdesign, Eddadesign, Altrodesign... Nowadays, he has integrated education into his professional activities and offers classes as part of the “Product Design and Development” Master’s Degree course at the Elis

ava School.