Ruud Ekstrand

Ruud Ekstrand Design AB

Porslångsvägen 4
266 55 Vejbystrand

T: +46 40 788 21


Born in Malmö, Sweden, in 1943

Arkitekt SIR (National Association of Swedish Interior Architects) and designer
Nordic Correspondence Institute (NKI), Industrial Design Department, 1967
Self-employed in Malmö since 1969.

’Each chair is a challenge. They have to be esthetically compelling, functional and beautiful. They have to function in big groups as well as individual eyecatchers. If they additionally convey a feeling of good craftmanship, I will be glad.’

’Every single chair has gone through a careful testing before being approved. Is the seat strong enough without being too hard? Does the back have the right elasticity and the legs the correct balance? I think about the details for months. Sketch and compare. Study proportions and search new combinations. Go around and be ’pregnant’ with the model before it is time to make a prototype.’