Ruud Ekstrand

Ruud Ekstrand Design AB

Porslångsvägen 4
266 55 Vejbystrand

T: +46 40 788 21

Produkte von Ruud Ekstrand

Born in Malmö, Sweden, in 1943

Arkitekt SIR (National Association of Swedish Interior Architects) and designer
Nordic Correspondence Institute (NKI), Industrial Design Department, 1967
Self-employed in Malmö since 1969.

’Each chair is a challenge. They have to be esthetically compelling, functional and beautiful. They have to function in big groups as well as individual eyecatchers. If they additionally convey a feeling of good craftmanship, I will be glad.’

’Every single chair has gone through a careful testing before being approved. Is the seat strong enough without being too hard? Does the back have the right elasticity and the legs the correct balance? I think about the details for months. Sketch and compare. Study proportions and search new combinations. Go around and be ’pregnant’ with the model before it is time to make a prototype.’