Sascha Akkermann

Im Wiesengrund 1
27798 Hude

T: 0049 (0)170 311 54 77


Sascha Akkermann, born in Oldenburg 1974, is a master carpenter and free-lance designer with a focus on furniture and interior. Under the name CONFUSED DIRECTION, Akkermann worked together with interior designer Flo Florian from 2004 to 2012. The design team conceptualized furnitures which are exceptional in many ways. Thereby, they took advantage of an own studio where ideas came to life and prototypes were built. With the HOUSEBOAT Silverfish, Akkermann created a unique living experience, floating ahead of its time, bringing a whole new perspective on living with nature. The PRODUKTWERFT series, established 2012, represents Akkermann’s desire to create design which is readily available and environment-friendly. Clear-cut design meets materials with a history.