Stefano Bettio

Via Feltrina sud 8/A
31040 Volpago del Montello (TV)

T: +39 (0)393 1514304
F: +39 0423 812067


Born in 1975 in Montebelluna, Italy, Stefano Bettio earned a degree in mechanical and technical materials science and began work in the research-and-development division of office furniture maker Brado. Here he designed his first chairs, which became a success, and further developed his knowledge of materials and three-dimensional modelling.

After several years Bettio began work at Palluccoitalia, working in the engineering and research-and-development division of the brand Bellato. Here he worked with a wide range of materials, acquiring additional design expertise.

In 2005 Bettio began work as a freelance designer for furniture makers including Bellato International, Biebisedie, Klab design, Henge07, Mimo Salotti and Studio