Susanna Bianchini


"shapes are simple and pure. details are much sought after". a vision of essential materials, surfaces and volumes, reveals a deep and huge interior path.
inspiration is part of her sensibility. the essence is to create emotions. susanna bianchini does

n't like the notoriety, the only players are her few pieces of work.
she is represented by the rabbet edging porphyry worktop shown by minotti cucine in the year two thousand, the golden-silver jewellery collections designed for pianegonda up to two th

ousand and five, the new corporate image, for palmalisa zantedeschi's company, in two thousand and eight, where she developed also "parietes", a material researching project. the corporate image for giacomelli company, in two thousand and nine, and furthe

r projects developed for minotti cucine susanna was born in verona 1975, where she lives, works and experiments new philosophies.