Ghost XL

Vorgestellt:imm cologne 2012, Köln
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Ghost XL is the logical follow-up to our successful Ghost armchair. The design of Ghost XL is based on the same principles as that of Ghost: beautiful, elegantly curved shapes in combination with outstanding seating comfort. Our Ghost armchair has proven

to be a real winner, and the way it fits in seamlessly with any other sofa or lounge suite is valued by many. An essential characteristic of our Ghost design is its compact size, which is where "Big Ghost" differs from our standard model: the armchair lo

oks the same but offers more generous dimensions for people who want that little bit of extra space. Achieving this is not as simple as it seems. Simply extending the dimensions of the armchair does not necessarily provide greater ergonomic comfort. That

is why we came up with a design that offers dimensions that are greater in height, width and depth, while still providing the same ergonomic features and maintaining the same look as our standard Ghost armchair. Ghost XL was designed by Dutch designer Fr

ans Schrofer, with whom Durlet has already entered into several ongoing partnerships. Our Ghost XL armchair is available in the full range of leather and fabric colours or styles from the Durlet range.

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Frans Schrofer