Nevada Couchecke

Vorgestellt:imm cologne 2012, Köln
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelSofas

Nevada is the first sofa designed by Frans Schrofer in Durlet's range. Its concept is based on a paradox: developing a sofa that looks solid and comfortable yet seems to be floating and light-weight at the same time. A paradox at first, reconciled into on

e design.

The solid look is achieved through the broad backrest and the wide, single upholstered seat with plump cushioning for added comfort. The armrests are quite wide and can easily be used as a headrest. The front finish of the armrests and ba

ckrest includes a uniquely folded seam. The horizontal recessed seam detailing on the backrest reconciles the solid feel of the sofa with its lightweight appearance and breaks up the solid backrest while accentuating the comfortable aspect of the incorpor

ated lumbar support.

The floating aspect of the sofa is achieved by the greatest detail of the design: the base. When viewed from the front, the slanted lines of the armrests transition perfectly into the curved shape of the metal frame on which th

ey rest. Because of the continuous metal connection between the front and back legs, the sofa appears to be resting on a socle. The specially designed legs make all the difference. The metal frame is constructed from black chromium-plated steel – unobtrus

ive, while adding a classy finish to the design.

Länge1700 mm / 1900 mm / 2100 mm / 2450 mm
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Durlet, Belgien

Frans Schrofer