Hackney Sessel

Stylepark-ID: 05.4542.00262
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelSessel

An elegant sofa system specifically designed for comfort, ease of transportation and appropriateness of scale. It has a fully upholstered foldable frame that can be disassembled into three sections and manoeuvred around with ease. It has a slim arm, deep seat and a single section cushion large enough to sleep on. It is made from a wooden frame, down, polyurethane foam and a spring system. A modest and technically accomplished design that attends to the difficulties of environments with restricted access. Pouf, armchair, two and three seat versions available.

Breite 900 mm
Höhe 750 mm
Tiefe 900 mm
Sitzausführung mit Sitzpolster
Sitzhöhe 470 mm
Rücken­lehnen­ausführung mit Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführung mit Armlehnen
Material Textilien (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Gelbtöne
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