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Davide Groppi srl

Via Belizzi 20 / 22
29122 Piacenza

T: +39 0523 571590
F: +39 0523 579768

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Purity and fantasy are the fundamental components of project of our work. We work on six subjects of light: Bulbs, Diffusion, Tools, Architecture, Zero, Out. The language is reduced and essential. The company is orientated not only to plan bodies illuminating, but above all to plan the light. A work group extremely caused offers lighting technology advice of services and scenery. The market is international.

Based to Piacenza and with showroom to Milan, DAVIDE GROPPI is a collective of designers specialized in the insides of architectures and of temporary preparations. Between the products realized they are consultable online of the technical cards of a proprietors illumination of systems of series, indicated from a high technical control-component.