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116 45 Stockholm

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With the aim of enhancing everyday life, Design House Stockholm has been changing the way people think about their living and working space for many years.

The secret to our success is that we work with an extensive network of more than 60 independent designers, in the same way publishing houses work with authors. We collaborate with both new, up-and-coming talent and established names. Although the majority of our designers are from Scandinavia, we work with designers from all over the world in order to find that special Scandinavian touch. Unlike many other companies, we don’t try to force the fresh and free designs into a fixed production apparatus. Instead we use our extensive networks to find the right kind of production facilities, at the same time as exploring new production methods.

All this transforms ideas into real products. Our collection of functional and aesthetically refined design products of timeless appeal ranges from tableware and lighting to furniture and textiles. Today our collection boldly ranges from the conceptual to arts and crafts-like pragmatism, from decoratively maximalist to utterly minimalist. Design House Stockholm is now a leading producer of contemporary Scandinavian design.

The company was founded by Anders Färdig, who is passionate about finding products that fire the imagination, enhance lifestyles and turn shopping into entertainment. Under his management, Design House Stockholm has become a leading name at the forefront of Scandinavian design, and is known for its innovative products and established quality. Today Design House Stockholm is introducing the world to Scandinavian design on a global scale both in the company’s own stores, as well as among some of the top design retailers in the world, such as Habitat, Starbucks and the MoMA store.

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