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FIAM Italia's history is as transparent as glass, its work features the principal properties of this material: purity and strength. To man, glass is an old friend. However, this feeling of friendship is still alive, and keeps renewing itself through time. FIAM shows this spirit every day through its creations, which are original and unpredictable, its technological innovations and its top position in design in Italy and abroad.
FIAM Italia was established in 1973 by Vittorio Livi, a young entrepreneur who focused his passion and challanging projects on this enterprise. One out of a thousand projects: free glass from its "historical" role of ornamental accessory and make it a protagonist in furnishing, an unobtrusive, important presence in people's life. This goal was attained through a revolution which features handicraft and technology jointly: curved glass, the new, exciting frontier where FIAM Italia is the uncontested leader.
Livi's clear ideas match his enthusiasm: a designer himself, he committed his works to some of the most famous designers. And when top design meets curved glass, we have masterpieces that find their place in exacting homes as well as in renowed museums. This is why a company's life cannot be severed from the personality of who wanted and built it: it is not a simple entrepreneurial action: it also is a human and creative adventure, enlivened by insight, projects and achievements.
And FIAM Italia's location is also significant: Marches, a land of artists like Raffaello, Rossini and Leopardi, and of master glass-makers and talented craftsmen, a region that represents the right environment for a company which is deep-rooted into glass-making traditions.
Curved glass is the result of a challange to chemio-physical laws, sprouting from a magic spark inside the bending chamber. Glass take plastic features, ready to be modelled by designers. Their names: Cini Boeri, Tomu Katayanagi, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Massimo Morozzi, Danny Lane, Hans von Klier, Ron Arad, Enzo Mari, Makio Hasuike, Angelo Cortesi, Philippe Starck, Giugiaro Design, just to mention a few.
If you observe a piece like the Ghost armchair, at a glance you catch 7.000 years of history handed down by glass. Through this glass, you can still see the future this magic material will live alongside people. FIAM Italia is a faithful witness of history, and a protagonist of this vision.

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