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258 E. 3rd Street
NY 12508 New York
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We surprised ourselves by becoming Niche Modern. It was not our intention, actually. We were simply designing products for our own lives to make us happy and satisfy our super picky sensibilities. When other people expressed appreciation for our work and started placing orders we knew we were on to something.

We think you will appreciate the pure luxury of our hand blown modern lighting pendants in warm, translucent hues of grays and ambers. They are as glorious as they are practical - whether dangling over a trendy, city bar scene or an intimate, dining room table. All of the fixtures are hand-blown glass; as original as snowflakes. No two are exactly the same.

Our lights and home furnishings are designed with our own high standards in mind. We believe that good, solid design is found in the ironic joining together of contrasting elements, simple lines and luscious colors. You can see the exchange of light and darkness, strength and delicacy, edge and elegance at play in all of our products.

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