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Örsjö Belysning AB

Emmabodavägen 14
382 45 Nybro

T: +46 0481-509 60

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Örsjö Belysning AB is situated in the south east of Sweden, an area historically known for its great manufacturing skills. We are a part of that history with 60 years of experience in high quality lighting manufacturing. Our long experience and broad product collection enables us to meet the need from our demanding clients.
The Örsjö collection is created by som of Scandinavia's leading designers with a focus on function, innovation and personality. Combined with our manufacturing knowledge this has resulted in numerous awards and prestigious commissions over the years.
Our great experience in developing customized lighting solutions in various scales has resulted in close collaborations with architects and corporations, always with the ambition to find the optimal solution to the specific project.
The flexible department for product development and the facilities at the Örsjö production plant give us the possibility to quickly realize our client's desire from the very first computer model to serial production.
Our development department guarantees top quality and excellent precision combined with effective cost control. When manufacturing we assure high product quality as well as short and reliable delivery time.

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