ETFE Folien, 3-lagige Kissenkonstruktion, Space Center

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The rockets stand proud behind a transparent pneumatic membrane facade. Thirty-eight ETFE cushions offer a clear view of Sputnik & Co. built according to the design by Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners. The Rocket Tower with its transparent sheath was an architectural and astronomical challenge.

The open-air ambiance called for a special design that stretched the outer limits of ETFE technology. Some of the largest cushions are more than three metres high and 20 metres long and curve along a radius of some ten metres. The north face cushions can be disassembled to provide a large opening to accommodate large new exhibition items.

Another application where Hightex's position as a world leader in creating tensile structures and fabric architecture in tensioned membranes such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE is realised.

Alle Abbildungen: National Space & Science Centre, Leicester, United Kingdom
Architekt: N. Grimhaw & Partners, London, UK


Hightex, Deutschland