ETFE Folienkissen, Einkaufszentrum

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Dolce Vita Tejo is the world's first shopping mall to use a new and innovative ETFE roof design with high performance Selective Filters and Low-E coatings applied to the cushions.

Hightex designed, fabricated and installed 346 cushion elements with an average size of 10x10 metres. In addition 108 facade cushions were installed. In total more than 200,000 square metres of different ETFE membranes were produced in order to execute this outstanding project.

Using the cushion "windows" within their three dimensional form, whilst at the same time rejecting or filtering light and energy using filters and Low-E coatings, the design is a 21st century innovative illustration of the "northern light" principle, allowing light mainly to enter the building from the north thus eliminating unwanted direct heat build-up and glare.

Another application where Hightex's position as a world leader in creating tensile structures and fabric architecture in tensioned membranes such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE is realised.

Alle Abbildungen: Dolce Vita Einkaufszentrum, Lissabon, Portugal
Architekt: RTKL London & Promontorio, Lisbon

Hightex, Deutschland