PFTE beschichtete, sandfarbene Glasfaser, Soccer City Stadion

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The historic Johannesburg FNB Stadium has been renovated for the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches. It was here in 1990 Nelson Mandela called for a unified South Africa in front of 100,000 people following his release. Today the flagship venue will unify the world as football teams gather to play eight matches including the opening game and prestigious final.

Traditional African calabash pottery inspired the design for this 50,000 sq/m sand colour PTFE tensile roof stadium. Unrestricted viewing for 95,000 spectators is made possible by membrane engineering. The roof underside is lined with a mesh membrane discreetly masking ancillary equipment and emphasizing the profile of the shell internally.

An external ring of lights to the perimeter of the base of the structure simulate a fire under the mosaic of earthen colours used to clad the exterior of the foremost African pot.

Another application where tensile structures and fabric architecture in tensioned membranes such as PTFE, PVC, and ETFE is realised.

Alle Abbildungen: Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, Süd-Afrika
Architekt: Boogertman Urban Edge & Partners, South Africa


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