Onda Restaurant

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Project architects Alliance and MAPT chose Kebony’s award-winning sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood and toxic treated wood for the exterior cladding. Meaning ‘wave’ in Spanish, Onda is clad in a beautiful undulating wave of Kebony Southern Yellow Pine, which perfectly complements its marine setting and is designed to evolve over time to acquire a subtle silver-grey patina.

Chosen not only for its aesthetic qualities, Kebony is also environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and, of particular importance in the harsh Norwegian climate, durable, resistant to decay, easy to maintain and cost effective. Kebony’s high density and exceptional quality ensures it is resistant to wear and weathering without the need for any expensive and environmentally-damaging chemical treatments. The product demonstrates comparable, and often superior, properties to tropical hardwood.

Built on the traditional Tingvalla pier, Onda is a unique structure formed of four small conical shapes, all of which have a different slope and angle to form an organic-looking exterior wave. This exterior Kebony cladding is combined with an usual mixture of contrasting materials including a simple sheer glass facade and galvanized steel gratings. Reflecting Kebony’s superb environmental credentials, Onda has adopted for sustainable approach throughout the project, not only choosing sustainable products but pioneering technologies such as a cooled waste grinders.

All pictures: Onda Restaurant, Oslo, Norway
Architects: Alliance Arkitekter and MAPT


Kebony, Norwegen

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