The Kebony Boat House

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TreStykker is an independent workshop for students of three of Norway’s leading architecture schools: The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) and the Master Program of Architecture at NTNU in Trondheim. The workshop is created and solely driven by students. The Oslo Boat House is part of Kebony’s ongoing partnership with TreStykker and is the latest of three high-profile collaborative projects between the two parties.

This year, a group of five students were tasked with designing and delivering a unique and eye-catching landmark on Oslo’s beautiful and bustling waterfront. The purpose of this year’s workshop was to shed light on the architecture student, as an aware and active resource, capable to create living architecture that stimulates use in otherwise empty public spaces. In addition, a parallel goal was to give students practical knowledge of the architectural process, from the creative idea, to realising and constructing the project. The students took an innovative approach to reinventing this area of public space and also reinterpreting Norway’s historic traditions surrounding coastal boat houses.

All Pictures: The Kebony Boat House Oslo, Norway
Architects: Trestykker


Kebony, Norwegen