Designer Gunilla Allard’s conference chair Carousel offers maximum comfort in a reduced format. The fully upholsteredshell chair has a 360° comfort tilt, which enables the seat shell to move in several directions. The result is avery soft, smooth, flexible motion for the user. As well as added comfort, the wing-shaped armrest adds character tothe soft, embracing seat shell. Carousel’s swivel base comes with 4 or 5 feet in polished or powder-coated recycledaluminium, with or without casters. A height-adjustable stand is available as an optional extra on the 5-footed stand.

Gunilla Allard took her inspiration for the chair from the Sixties-setTV show, Mad Men. Not only the design but also the upholsteryreflects this ethos, as the covering on Carousel has distinct parallels tothe smart work fashions of the 1960s. The upholstery can also betailored by combining different fabrics and leather. The permutationsare endless, enabling a wide variety of looks.

Studies of the spine show that chair constructions which also allow the backbone to move – as with Carousel – arebetter for back health than fixed structures. Ergonomist Margaretha Mellner explains: “The chair’s construction allowsactive sitting on three planes: horizontally with the seat’s rotation, sagittally with the forward and backward tilt, and on thefrontal plane which allows lateral movement for the lumbar spine.”

Guiding principles during the design process were justifiable materials, economy, and a sustainable production method. Consequently the seating frame is in moulded recycled pasteboard, and the back shell in moulded waste wood. The cross base is made of recycled aluminium.

Carousel is ideal for office, conference, hotel, lounge and restaurant environments.

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Lammhults, Schweden

Gunilla Allard