S 70 Sofa

S 70 Sofa
Vorgestellt:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, Stockholm
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In 1965 Lammhults Mekaniska Verkstad AB (Lammhults Mechanical Workshop), as the company was called back in the days, began their collaboration with Lindau & Lindekrantz. This, for its time, groundbreaking designer duo is considered as some of Sweden's foremost furniture designers. At an early stage Lammhults saw the advantages of having tight and long-term collaborations with their designers. This is still the way the company works with their designers today, which undoubtedly has been a factor of success for Lammhults.

The furniture series S70 was launch in 1968 and contained sofa, easy chair, bed, table, barstool, hat stand etc, all made of bent steel tubing of larger dimension painted in bright colours. The series paved the way for the Lammhults of today with its for the time playful, very clear and unique design. – In parallel to that Lammhults strengthens the range with products that fall under the term 'Modern Essentials' we now also choose to highlight our earlier products to further manifest that Lammhults still and always has stood for "Modern Essentials", says Åke Jansson, MD. That is, Lammhults products are not based on trends but on a clear and timeless design. Lammhults products must work over time and continue to be perceived as modern.

It is S70-5 sofa and S70-4 easy chair that will be taken into production again this year and they complement the hat stand and barstool that still, since 1968, are in production. The series playful design and colors can appeal both to a younger audience who see it through new eyes but also to the older audience by a high recognition factor and nostalgia.

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