Vorgestellt:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, Stockholm
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Volo, a new swivel easy chair for Lammhults, has been given a Latin name that means ‘I fly'. The lightness of the easy chair is pivotal. Sitting in the easy chair feels almost like floating, all thanks to the construction whereby steel tubing extends from a round, swiveling aluminum section that enables the easy chair to easily follow the slightest movement of the person sitting in it. The chair's membrane is reinforced with wood in the outer sections, in the same way the collar on a fine shirt might be reinforced with plastic or paper wedges. The easy chair is partially transparent and free in its anything but square design.
Volo is made from high-quality components to guarantee lifelong use, all coupled with fine craftsmanship in the upholstered details. The easy chair is made from leather and fabric mesh. An adjustable neck support is included. To complement the easy chair there is also a footstool.
"I found inspiration for the easy chair from a journey to Asia, where I saw how large trees with gigantic branches almost floated above the ground, providing a cooling protection against the sun. I wanted to recreate that floating sensation when I designed Volo for Lammhults," says Andreas Störiko.
Andreas Störiko is the latest designer in the Lammhults stable. Lammhults' global investment, which began in spring 2011, includes strengthening its team of designers with internationally active creators. Andreas Störiko, who works from his own design studio, also has commissions for German company Wilkhahn, among others.

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Lammhults, Schweden

Andreas Störiko