Table available for indoor and outdoor, with cement and blue coloured glass top (indoor/outdoor use), wood or clear glass (indoor use only). Indoor / Outdoor version: Ø30mm tubular steel frame with junction steel bar, section 80x15, finished with a galvanized base and coated with polyester epoxy powder gunmetal colour with black PVC tips. Top in cement (indoor/outdoor use) consisting of a specia l high-strength concrete, reinforced with fiberblass and a glass net with embedded a DOLUFLEX® panel, thickness 15mm, fitted with fa stenings to fix it to the base. Surface in fine sandblasted finishing and treated with hydro and oleo repellent products. Available in the colours in collection.

Please be informed that the production technology used for this specific finishing requires a carefully handcrafted attention and each piece is entirely made and finished by hand. Any imperfections are normal and should not be considered defects, but characteristics of the material itself, with makes each piece unique and different, increasing its exclusivity.

Top in wood, with water-based acrylic paint finishing, made in “sandwich” of MDF and aluminum sheet pressed and glued together, veneered with 10/10 plates of chestnut, natural or charcoal dyed or Stone Oak®; beveled edge and bottom always matt satin lacquered in the finishing of the top. Top in 12mm tempered clear glass, or in 10mm tempered blue-coloured glass to which are fixed, with a UV-cured adhesive, small plates with a conical counter bore to align it with the structure.

All top versions are secured to the frame by mea ns of tie rods.

Höhe740 mm
Durchmesser1400 mm / 1600 mm / 1800 mm
Form Tischplatterund

Living Divani, Italien

Massimo Mariani