Ardesia Ligure Rugiada naturale

Ardesia Ligure Rugiada naturale
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The Q-BO collection RUGIADA is a resistant and enduring ecological covering, created with selected Italian marbles and stones - Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna and Ardesia Ligure. An exclusive process transforms these precious materials into three-dimensional

surfaces of great charm and personality.
The 3D surface of RUGIADA (the Italian word for dew) is inspired by the fresh and light water drops that rest, early in the morning, on the leaves of the plants. Irregular rings of different size, spread over t

he entire surface, create a harmonious and animated texture on the slabs, available in Bianco Carrara, Crema Luna or Ardesia Ligure. With its brushed or polished finish, RUGIADA appears either in a smooth look or with interesting light reflexes.
For th

e realization of RUGIADA, Q-BO has applied exclusive processes and specifically developed equipment as a result of a long experience of its founders in the application of the same technologies to other materials. The outcome is a valuable natural covering

characterized by high precision surface treatments and substantial design, ideal for unique floor and wall coverings of private homes or contract environments, in- and outdoor application, in big or small spaces.

Länge500 mm
Breite250 mm
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Marmo Project, Italien