Flash Base 3 Deckenleuchte

Flash Base 3 Deckenleuchte
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There is an obsession at present, when it comes to lighting a contemporary space, for hiding lamps and light sources. Most try to light without revealing exactly where the light is coming from. This wall lamp breaks with trend. Totally within sight it can

be placed in ceilings as well as in walls and gives excellent results when placed in repetition. The Flash wall lamp light is produced, as has been done in the past, on the surface. The cover, injected with transparent polycarbonate, is made of two part

s: the cover and the body. The cover is fixed to the body by a simple clipping system and the body is fixed to the surface by another piece of plastic. The inside of the reflector is made of an inlay sheet and the diffuser of pressed glass. Visually the p

olycarbonate acts as a case creating an effect in which the body seems to be floating in air. The Flash lamp can be grouped in bases of 3 and 7 units with a look especially suited to big spaces.


1 x 60W

Form Diffusor/Reflektorrund
Tiefe270 mm
SchutzklasseKlasse II (Schutzisolation)
MaterialPolycarbonat (PC)
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marset, Spanien

Joan Gaspar