Santorini Stehleuchte

Vorgestellt: Light+Building 2014, Frankfurt
Stylepark-ID: 04.1763.10164
Kategorien: AußenleuchtenStandleuchten

Inspired by the lanterns found on fishing boats, this collection of outdoor customizable lamps allows you to create multiple compositions. Users can choose how many shades to place on the diffuser, along with their order, position and direction. This interplay of combinations yields a rich array of direct or reflected light. The Santorini collection can be hung from the ceiling, either individually or clustered together, or they can be strung up like a garland. They also work as wall lamps or standing lamps using accessories that can easily be added.
The variations on the Santorini lamp are further expanded by the choice of the shade color, which comes in white, grey and mustard.

Leuchtenkopfhöhe 354 mm
Höhe 1722 mm
Tiefe 240 mm
Schutzart (nach DIN 40050) IP65 Vollständiger Schutz/Staubdicht/Gegen Strahlwasser aus einer Düse aus allen Richtungen
Schutzklasse Klasse II (Schutzisolation)
Material Polycarbonat (PC)
Farben Grautöne
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marset, Deutschland

Sputnik Estudio