Bas-relief Code

Bas-relief Code
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After the huge acclaim gained on the market by the Déchirer collection, appreciation of architects and interior designers, and last but not least the acknowledgment of the international press, Patricia Urquiola doubles bringing to life a new collection: BAS-RELIEF. BAS-RELIEF has been created to further research the theme of the eroded crack with a more rigorous and less romantic sign. The wall tile and coordinated floor tile collection, which is artisan produced, proposes the theme of the bas-relief with different variations and depths. Cloud-Relief This airy and light pattern captures the air bubbles on the surface and fixes them in a abstract and constant design. Instead, Garland-Relief and Patchwork-Relief are characterized by the a revised flower element with a contemporary and digital attitude. The finishing of the surface reaches different depths and heights, which create an articulated chiaroscuro effect. The project is implemented by Code-Relief, whose texture is austere and refined and where the severity is expressed through the movement which repeats itself on the surface as a code. In the new collection, Urquiola uses the colors in an innovative way, experimenting appositions and contrasts, derived from the Continua Technology at double pugging. The color range is declined in natural and neutral colors. Another pretty original and innovative peculiarity of BAS-RELIEF is the finishing proposal for the tile edges which, being worn and irregular, turn the leak into a decorative element part of the overall design.

Länge120 mm / 265 mm / 540 mm
Breite180 mm
Höhe9 mm

Mutina, Italien

Patricia Urquiola