Vorgestellt:Orgatec 2014, Köln
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The VARJO rugs are hand-woven from 100% New Zealand lambswool and come in two different sizes and four appealing tone-in-tone colors of grey, blue, sand or tangerine. VARJO masters the fine balance between being a subtle rug for every kind of interior and at the same time a very detailed and unique rug.

Tina Ratzer on the design “The idea was to create a geometric rug with multiple layers and dimensions. I wanted to give the first layer an easy understandable language and balanced color scheme. When you go one layer deeper a dynamic herringbone pattern arises and brings a new dimension and a surprising twist to the rug. VARJO is Finnish for shadow, which translates to the shadow effects that are created between the layers, as the darkest color block almost rises above the others, creating a three-dimensional expression.”

Länge2400 mm / 3000 mm
Breite1700 mm / 2000 mm

Muuto, Dänemark

Tina Ratzer