Stone Lake

Stylepark-ID: 14.1475.00087
Kategorien: StadtraumPflanzbehälter

These enormous freestanding planters are large enough to contain a small garden, or at least a flowerbed. The planters are bottomless, constructed from components that bolt together on site. Although the planters are called Stone Lake, they are not designed to hold water. The bottoms should be lined with a thick layer of drainage material before adding soil. The planters are made for outdoors use, making it possible to bring plant life to paved surfaces such as courtyards, carparks and terraces.

Breite 1460 mm / 2430 mm
Höhe 600 mm
Tiefe 1480 mm / 2330 mm
Gewicht 34500 kg / 71000 kg
Material Glasfaser
Farben Grautöne