Clock work Waterfall


Precised, refined, exact. Like a clockwork. Clock Work, the new series of bathroom taps proposed by Ritmonio, is the result of a equally meticulous project. An idea coming from mechanical conceptions and from the principle of the epicyclical movement: the

theory defining the relation in a rotation of two different and concentric circumferences, turning around themselves at different speeds.
Like gears of a rigorous device; the Clock Work handle also rotates at different speeds, adjusting temperature

and water flow: harmony and joint to increase intervals and the possible variants, improving the comfort in the use. Two are the possible kinds of water delivery: a free waterfall or a precise inclined jet. Linked to the spout, the handles are proposed i

n three formal versions, characterized by the same compositive accuracy.
Two spouts and three handles... for a series multiplying the possibilities of choice keeping intact the precision.

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Ritmonio, Italien

Davide Vercelli

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