EDEN is the innovative proposal for the living zone, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for RODA. The sofa stands out for the degree of comfort provided by the width and thickness of the seat cushions, which, with a depth of 95 cm, bespeak total relaxation, as well as for the combined use of different materials and its extreme modularity.

In the history of RODA, it is the first sofa collection to feature a structure that brings together in such an innovative and harmonious way two distinctive materials: teak wood and painted stainless steel. The teak structure is now presented in a bleached version, a finish that had never been used in other collections.

The innovative combination of different materials extends to the backrests, which are presented in both the Batyline version and the padded belt option, made available in all the colours of the Mix&Match project by RODA. This last variant with (padded belt) is the feature that characterises EDEN even further, with an interwoven pattern that adds appeal and softness to the collection. The two- and three-seater versions can be combined as one wishes with the backrests proposed individually to ensure maximum freedom in configuring the product.

The collection includes an element that is a first for RODA: a hexagon shaped module that makes the sofa suitable for use in different home environments, whether as a single furnishing element or as a corner module in a composition. The degree of comfort afforded by the EDEN sofa also relies on very thick cushions, available in standard padding and water draining versions. Lastly, to round off the EDEN system, the sofa can be combined with a coffee table in bleached teak wood that ensures continuity with the designs and finishes of the modules.

Sitzausführungmit Sitzpolster
Sitzhöhe380 mm
Unter­gestell­ausführungmit Beinen
Rücken­lehnen­ausführungmit Rückenlehne
mit Rückenpolster
Armlehnen­ausführungmit Armlehnen
Breite1900 mm / 2850 mm
Höhe660 mm
Tiefe950 mm

Roda, Italien

Rodolfo Dordoni