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The Original Fire Basket from Sweden

The history of the fire basket stretches over millennia's. One of the most famous was located in the lighthouse of Pharos - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The fire basket was seen from afar , off

ering comfort and guidance for many seafarers. Today we are happy to be able to offer you a genuine swedish handcrafted - Röshults Eldkorg. This majestic firebasket will lighten the dark nights of the winter and create a cosy atmosphere in the late summer

evenings. It is a centrepiece around which everyone can gather.Whether it is a castle or a humble abode; a small family gathering or a big celebration, the Röshults Eldkorg is always an appreciated addition. Röshults Eldkorg spreads light and warmth for

both body and soul. RöshultsFirebasket Original has a height of 70cm and is approximately 30cm in diameter.

Höhe700 mm
Durchmesser280 mm
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Röshults, Schweden