Black Lace Cape

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LACE is in between clothing and jewelry. I love lace and how it decorates you with its transparency. The series LACE plays with this ornamentation on transparency in another, generous dimension and in a very graphical way. The neckpieces are based o

n four geometrical patterns.

Four different styles of neckpieces, in different materials. Looking great on a simple shirt or T-shirt, with a cocktaildress and on skin, changing from easy, casual to elegant and sexy.

The LACE cape falls o

ver your shoulders, the biggest piece in this collection. It turns every outfit in something special: perfect with a simple top, a shirt or a dress.

Black lacquered wood beads, from local maple and beech trees, on elastic nylon. Engraved silver label

on one bead.

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Material Ahorn
Farben Schwarz
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