Livingstones Indoor Varianten

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The Livingstones are made of 100% virgin wool. The interior are made with hypoallergenic polysilicone fiber. Cushions and sofas are built around a structure in foam "Bultex" type. A french top quality production, that is environmentally-friendly

(pure and natural fabrics, the wool's mineral tints are obtained without the use of any chemical dye), and this allows an astonishing comfort and lasting product.
The maintenance of our wool collection is very simple. The smallest pieces can be clea

ned as for 100% virgin wools. You can maintain the larger cushions with stream treatment or special foams for wool furniture.
The palette of shades, the choice of shapes and volumes are broad enough to enable a unique setting, that is both infinitel

y and perfectly adaptable to any interior.
2006: A Polar-fleece an alternative line dedicated for Livingstones lovers allergic to wool. The softness of high quality Polar-Fleece cushion, an hypoallergenic polysilicon interiors, a French-made quality.

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