Marshmallow Stuhl


The »Marshmallow« is a light and harmonious chair, with a rounded form and an extraordinarily distinctive design. The extremely ergonomic and snug shell has got a new, unusual softness in the upper back. Thanks to the research and tests on the integral PU soft touch, Tonon succeeded to eliminate the metal frame in this part of the back, getting a very pleasant effect, like a marshmallow. Soft Touch Light is an extremely resistant and waterproof material, 100% hygienic, non-toxic and available in a wide range of color.

Breite 580 mm
Höhe 820 mm
Tiefe 600 mm
Sitztiefe 430 mm
Material Polyurethan (PU)
Metall (nicht spezifiziert)
Farben Alle Farben der Herstellerkollektion möglich

Tonon, Italien

Martin Ballendat