Artematica Olmo Tattile

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Artematica Olmo Tattile is born along the road that leads to a warmer and more natural design while keeping respect for the environment to the fore: a kitchen that results from extremely advanced research and in which the star, together with wood, is dematerialisation.

Innovation, formal simplicity and pure and minimalist lines are the aesthetic features that combine with the hi-tech wooden doors, the aluminium frames, the carbon-finish drawer runners and the glass base units that are entirely void of toxic solvent and formaldehyde emissions. And all this can be completely dismantled and is 100% recyclable.

Lightness is a constant feature of Valcucine's design philosophy and the company now chooses to replace the traditional double side panels of carcasses fitted side-by-side with a single, 10 mm thick element.

The new Artematica OlmoTattile model also includes a system of glass and aluminium enclosures with which you can plan and make niches for transparent or semi-transparent larders that are also available decorated with the Valcucine inlaid glass technique. These spaces can be fitted with shelves, new solid wood high-edged trays and household appliances.

The freedom with which this new system can be used makes it possible to offer the same sliding and fixed elements as light and practical partitions that divide the kitchen from the living room.

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Valcucine, Italien

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